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Helpful information for coaches can go a long way in developing those who develop others to become their best.  Coaching requires someone with a passion for sport. You may find yourself working with people of all ages, and abilities.

You will have a good background knowledge of the game, and may even have experience of performing at a high level. Crucial is your ability to build and maintain positive relationships with you athletes. Get to know each athlete individually. This pays out in the long run, but maintain a professional boundary. The key to mentorship is remaining friendly, but not necessarily a friend.

There are times when you will have to be tough. Also, you will have to be upbeat and positive. This will help your athletes learn to trust you. An athlete will work harder, and be more willing to push their limits.

Don’t shy away from asking your athletes what they expect from you. You may find some of their answers surprising. Self-development is as important as developing others, and enlightenment can come from unlikely sources.

Always practice the basics, even at the highest levels of performer. Prepare them for “game day”. There is a huge difference between practising skills and knowing what to do in competition. Be creative in how you introduce this pressure. Do it slowly so you don’t undermine their confidence.

Create a supportive environment, and emphasise the importance of open, honest, and non-judgemental communication.

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