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You don't have to be a professional athlete or an Olympic champion to be a successful athlete. Nor do you have to have a room full of trophies, win a national championship, or make the front page of the sports section. Successful athletes include children and adults. They include people who have never won a competition, people whose goal is to complete their first marathon, weightlifting world-record holders, or Olympic medalist's. What these athletes have in common is that their sport is important to them and they have committed to being the best they can be within the scope of their limitations. They set high, realistic goals for themselves and train and play hard. They are successful because they are pursuing their goals and enjoying their sport. Their sport participation enriches their lives and they believe that what they get back is worth what they put into their sport.

  • Discover & Learn

    Discover how successful Olympians approach training and competition. Learn and develop fundamental psychological skills.

  • Monitor & Check

    Establish your own unique "Competitor Profile" and track this over time. Keep on top of game day with a simple "Mental Skills Checklist".

  • Plan & strategise

    Understand common strategies used in competitive sport. Discover how fundamental mental skills training contributes to a successful competitive strategy.

  • Consultancy

    Speak with professionals skilled in mental preparation for sport.

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